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How to use My Verizon for prepaid - Verizon.

Limited time offer. Requires new port in phone activation. Must be active on Verizon Prepaid plans $45 with Auto Pay or higher for first 2 months. $60 service credit applied to Account Owner immediately after 2nd monthly plan payment. Auto Pay not req'd. Offer not available for tablets or Jetpacks. As a customer myself, I realize how important it is to have the best type of service for your needs. We are here to help. You can only set up a Prepaid to Postpaid migration of service by calling our Telesales team at 800-256-4646 or by visiting one of our corporate store locations. I have been with Verizon originally postpaid and now 3 years with prepaid, I had a motorola turbo droid Verizon phone from postpaid.When I dropped it in the river, i purchased a several other Motorola phones and experienced failed calls ans speaker issues. Prepaid Plans - Support Overview. Learn about your prepaid plan, which gives you access to our extensive 4G LTE network with no long term contract, activation fee or credit check. You can also find help managing your prepaid account and optional features. Filter all topics below. You can keep them, both the phones and the numbers, but you need to call Verizon or visit a corporate store to actually convert the postpaid to prepaid.

31/05/2018 · I am going to switch my father from Verizon postpaid to their prepaid $40 plan. Is there anything I need to know about making the switch? I did hear he can use the same sim - is this correct? Will this be an easy switch? How is the online account management - he is elderly so I guess I'm asking if I will have to be the one topping up. Thank you, Ann154! There is quite a bit to read in there, here is the verification for the one month paid service: "Once activated on our network, we do not lock our 4G LTE Prepaid devices and no code is needed to program them for use with another carrier. To activate a prepaid device on our network, you must make your first monthly service.

"Please contact our Prepaid team at 1-888-294-6804 to go over options for transitioning from Prepaid to Postpaid." Please don't. That prepaid customer service number is a dead end for the requested service and for most anything useful. pattyB, Making sure you can enjoy your new device is a big deal. We want to make sure you can activate it the best way for you. Prepaid 4G phones need to be activated for one month of service on prepaid service first but then they can be used on postpaid service. 06/07/2019 · Really depends on your area, mine has major congestion so when I was on prepaid I got only about 0.2-0.9 Mbps during prime time work hours, even basic searches or web pages would time out. My coworkers on Verizon post paid with a Premium 4G LTE plan could get around 20.0 Mbps standing right next to me. Verizon allows contract customers to roam in these areas free of charge, but in most cases prepaid users have to pay roaming fees. Since Verizon has its own prepaid service and a number of MVNOs, it is important to note the differences between prepaid and postpaid coverage. This is Verizon’s postpaid coverage map. Click for larger image. Verizon’s prepaid plans tend to be cheaper sometimes way cheaper than postpaid plans with comparable allotments of minutes, texts, and data. However, this isn’t a strict rule. In unusual situations, Verizon may offer better prices on certain kinds of postpaid plans.

For a limited time, get double data for no extra cost, when you activate a new Verizon Prepaid smartphone, tablet or JetPack line. Save $5 more with Auto Pay.Note: If you're on a Prepaid Family Account, only the Account Owner can change a plan on the account. Account Members can't change their plan. The Account Owner can sign in to My Verizon and select the line at the top of the screen that needs a new plan, and follow the steps below. Go to the Change Plan page in My Verizon.

Yes, as long as the prepaid phone has been on a prepaid plan for at least six months. You could also just convert your line to a post-paid plan and get a new phone, which would allow you to switch if you have not been a prepaid customer for at least six months. He's on an unlimited data plan on postpaid that is subject to deprioritization at any time like my prepaid plan was. We ran a speed test, side by side. He was pushing about 30 mbps d/l while at exactly the same time, I was getting 0.08 mbps d/l. That was my experience on Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Data. Opt for one of AT&T's postpaid unlimited data plans, and you get free HBO streaming and unlimited texting to 120 countries — something not available to AT&T prepaid customers. Similarly, Verizon's prepaid plans limit video streaming to 480p resolution, while its postpaid 5GB plan does not. 31/12/2016 · Probably the biggest disadvantage with prepaid is your traffic is normally lower priority on the network vs. postpaid. So if you happen to be in an area where there are many customers all trying to use the network at the same time, your traffic will be behind postpaid in the queue.

03/05/2017 · Verizon unlimited postpaid vs Verizon unlimited prepaid 🤔 hans jean. Loading. Prepaid Phone Plan Better than Postpaid? - Duration: 12:56. The Frugal Analyst 6,117 views. Verizon's $65 Prepaid UNLIMITED HOTSPOT Plan WORTH IT For RV NOMADS? Is prepaid wireless service is cheaper than post paid wireless? Sometimes. In this article and video I want to share with you my Verizon wireless postpaid bill, review the cost, and compare the price to some prepaid wireless services. Prepaid service lets you pay in advance for monthly voice, text and data services on your mobile device. There's no credit check, deposit or long-term contract required, like you'd have with a standard account which gives you a bill for your usage at the end of each month. 02/08/2019 · Other Alternatives: And of course, postpaid lines aren't the only option for Verizon service. Verizon also offers Prepaid Service for smartphones, Jetpacks & tablets and Visible is their prepaid brand with a $40/month option that includes unlimited hotspot use.

r/verizon: Welcome to /r/Verizon!. Promo applies. I just switched from postpaid to prepaid and got the 15 gb plan. I tried to switch initially via online chat and had a terrible experience. The chat specialist took my info and payment but did not process anything. 09/07/2019 · Actually, that's only on Unlimited as far as prioritization, and it's at the same level as goUnlimited. Verizon currently just does not know what it wants to be with the newer leadership, and from a billing/collections standpoint a prepaid customer is much less hassle/cost as they do not need to mail anything, and if they do not pay they do not. This 3-in-1, 4G LTE SIM card fits any compatible Verizon phone You will receive a single SIM card, that can be "punched out" to fit standard, micro, and nano-sized SIM slots 4FF / 3FF / 2FF Compatible with both prepaid and postpaid Verizon accounts. Not compatible with MVNO's. Verizon Postpaid. Device Lock Copy: In order to mitigate theft and other fraudulent activity, newly purchased devices are u201Clockedu201D to work exclusively on the Verizon network. We have separate device unlocking policies that cover postpay and prepaid devices.

Ok, decided to move to 2 smartphones on $45 plan after years off contract postpaid with 2 Motorola flip-phones.Went to first Verizon owned store. Prepaid cell phone plans aren't what they used to be even a few years ago. No longer stigmatized "pay by the minute" convenience store fare, prepaid is transforming the wireless industry through smaller, much more affordable carriers. It's no wonder more people are making the switch from postpaid plans to prepaid.

Check your phone's compatibility with Verizon here. Tethering: Verizon's unlimited plan includes 10GB for hotspot usage, after which, speeds are throttled. You can also purchase data-only packs to keep you connected on the go. Prepaid: Verizon offers prepaid plans in addition to their postpaid ones. 02/12/2019 · I just switched from Verizon postpaid to T-Mobile prepaid. I'm using a brand new, factory unlocked Moto G7 Power phone and transferred my old phone number to this new T-Mobile account. Problem is, things are only "half" working and it's been more than 48 hours since I put my new sim card into my new phone.

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