Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Quick Starter Guide

Amazon affiliate program is probably the most common method with advertising to generate revenue on your site. The principle is simple, you recommend one or more products (present on Amazon in this case) in one of your articles and you earn a commission on each sale!

Imagine you’re promoting a $300 worth of gadget and selling 100 per month with a 3% commission. Result? You will earn 900 €! Not bad is not it?

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, you can read Affiliate Marketing Strategies: Tips to Get Started For Beginners. There, you will be able to understand more about affiliate marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Program: What is it?

Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon was an early believer in the online affiliate marketing program. The company launched it’s Associate’s program in 1996. Amazon knew that many websites could take advantage of the millions of products available on and its affiliates.

Amazon affiliate program is popular among bloggers, online personalities, and content producers. These producers are able to successfully sell the products they recommend to their online communities. Some content producers find that Amazon affiliate marketing program is a great way to monetize their websites.

To encourage web developers and content producers to participate, Amazon maintains its free program and offers a multi-tier competitive incentive system.

There are many benefits to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program for Amazon and content producers:

  • Amazon has huge brand recognition: people who are directed to know exactly which site they have landed on.
  • Amazon does not limit its commission only to low-value products: If a member of the program can sell 100 televisions, in addition to 100 pairs of socks, they will be well rewarded.
  • Amazon is one of the biggest online resources for shopping. All of these benefits translate into an inclusive experience for Amazon, producers, and buyers.
  • The operation of the affiliate program with Amazon is simple. For every customer you direct to, you will get a percentage of sales.

If you sell more products, you will receive a higher percentage. Current rates on Amazon range from 3% to 10%, and there is no limit on the number of sales you can make money.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Why Should You Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

The top 5 reasons to choose Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program Review Why Should You Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Among all the reasons to opt-in for Amazon, I retained the 5 advantages that seem to be the most important and most relevant within the affiliate program of this e-commerce platform.

1. The Fame of Amazon Marketplace

Who does not know Amazon? It is one of the biggest players on the web in the whole world. In 2015, it achieved a turnover of 107 billion dollars! It is the most consulted e-commerce platform.

Your readers will have more confidence to buy on a marketplace like Amazon than on another less known site.

In addition, Amazon is known for the reliability and speed of its deliveries, for its premium loyalty program. It is therefore much easier to sell by affiliation on this site than on another.

2. A Large Selection of Products

Originally, Amazon only offered books. Today, the offer has diversified with more than 30 categories of products ranging from fashion to computer and wine. You will inevitably find one or more products in the theme of your site or your blog.

In addition, unlike some affiliate programs, you are free to choose the products you want to promote on your site. Just choose from the thousands of references on

3. A Transparent Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is transparent to both the affiliate and the users. Indeed, they must be informed of the existence of affiliated links by a mandatory mention on the site of the partner (always for the sake of transparency for your customer).

As for the affiliates, the way the program works is very clear. Commissions vary depending on the type of product. You have access to the tracking of sales attributed to you and your conversion rate.

On some forums, you can find reviews on this affiliate program. They are mainly the consequence of bad use of the latter. Amazon is very clear about the obligations of affiliates.

For example, it is not possible to put links from a site with pornographic or violent content or from a site that does not belong to you. Hidden links are forbidden. It is necessary that your site fulfills all legal obligations: legal notice, information on cookies, respect of copyright, etc.

4. Several Payment Options

The Amazon Affiliate Program offers several payment methods that the affiliate can freely choose:

  • Check (from 50 euros commission)
  • Gift certificate (from 25 euros)
  • Bank transfer (from 25 euros).

The date of payment is clearly indicated: 60 days after the end of the month in which the sales took place. In practice, if your July sales bring you 43 euros in commissions, you will receive your transfer in October. While this may be a bit longer, once the system is properly implemented, you can collect money every month.

5. Amazon affiliate program is simple to set up

Registration to the program is very easy and free. Just fill in some information about yourself and your site, indicate which monetization method you prefer (price comparison, blog, coupons, niche site …). You can put links on your site as soon as you create your Partners account and not wait several weeks like on some platforms.

Putting links online is also very simple and does not require special technical skills. You have the choice between:

  • textual links with an explicit anchor,
  • links from an image,
  • links in a box of purchase,
  • links to a product category through an advertising banner.

For each type of link, Amazon provides you with the HTML code. You just have to copy and paste.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: What to expect at the commission level?

Amazon Affiliate Program commission

The commission system is quite simple since it is based on the category of products. It ranges from 3 to 10%.

Suffice to say that the result will not be the same if you sell watches (10% on high amounts) or if you sell iPhone cases (3% on ridiculous sums …).

Namely, also that Amazon regularly offers promotional offers to its affiliates. For example, if you’re promoting their premium service, you can earn $ 3 per registration for the 30-day Amazon Premium Trial.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: When are the commissions paid?

Commissions are received 2 months after the items have been ordered. If you sell 5 products in August 2019, you will only receive commissions on these products in October 2019.

Why this delay? Simply because if the product is returned by the buyer you will not receive anything! Amazon allows the 30 days during which the return is possible.

So you understand, you only receive commissions on products shipped AND NOT returned!

There is also a minimum to get Amazon to pay you your commissions.

If you have chosen payment by bank transfer or Amazon Gift Certificate, the minimum amount is 25 €

If you have chosen payment by check, the minimum amount is 50 €

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: How To get started with Amazon Affiliate Program

To get started with the Amazon Affiliate Program, you will need to sign up via the link on the Amazon Affiliate Program website:

Registration for the program is free and only takes a few minutes. You normally have to wait a day before receiving confirmation from Amazon that you are a full member of the program. Once you are fully enrolled in the program, you must integrate the program into your website in order to sell Amazon affiliate on the website.

How to Integrate Amazon Affiliate Program link to your WordPress site

Integrating these links with a WordPress site could not be easier. This can be done in just three steps.

  • First, sign in to your new affiliate account. Once you are logged in, you must click on the links and banners.
  • From there, you must select the Product Links option. To embed a product link in a new content message, simply search for the product you want in the search function and click on the product you want to use.
  • Once you have found it, simply click on the Get link. The Get Link feature automatically generates code that you can copy and paste into your WordPress article. All you have to do is paste it where you want to see the link.

What is the Amazon Cookie? How does it work?

Already a cookie, what is it? no, it is not eaten. it is simply a small file that is created on your computer when you do certain actions on a website.

What is the Amazon Cookies

This file may contain different information that will allow you to remember, for example, when you access your mailbox without having to log in again each time.

In the case of Amazon, a cookie is created when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links. And it is thanks to this cookie that Amazon can know who to give the commission.

Basically, as long as this cookie is present in the person’s computer, everything he buys on Amazon will be counted for you. Great no?

The problem is that this little cookie does not live long. After 24 hours, it is deleted automatically and you will not touch anything on what they will buy after.

Alternatively, if someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and within 24 hours, that same person clicks on another person’s affiliate link, your cookie will be replaced by the new one.

How to change Amazon cookie from 24-hours to 90-days

There is a case where the 24-hour limitation can be extended to 90 days. This rule applies when someone adds a product to their cart while your cookie is still active.

In this case, even if he does not buy the product right away, the commission will be for you as long as he completes his purchase within 90 days.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Several ways to sell a product

One of the biggest aspects of Amazon’s affiliate program is that it is very versatile. You do not have to use a particular format to participate in the affiliate program. In fact, you can participate in the program through four different advertising methods.

1. Connections (Links)

Links are one of the most popular ways to run affiliate marketing programs because they push the customer to visit the site without being a manifest advertisement. The links are easy to use. The link will be set up to bring the visitor directly to the product on Amazon.

The link also hosts your Associate account. This helps Amazon keep track of the origin of their customers. It also helps them keep track of the sales you have earned. You can choose to include embedded text links, image links, or even a combination of text and images.

2. Banners

Banners are a more transparent form of advertising. They often serve as a visual reminder of promotions on The banners are elegant and can be integrated into any part of your website.

3. Amazon aStore

Amazon aStore is a product that is offered to all associates involved in the affiliate program. The main advantage of the aStore is that you can create an online store without having to worry about the design, the software or the support of the payments. Visitors will complete their payment with

Your aStore will be unique to your account. You can use your aStore to highlight the products that interest you, or that are aligned with your brand or content. You also have the option to include all Amazon products in your store if you wish.

The configuration of the aStore is very easy. When you decide to set up your store, Amazon guides you through a four-step process. You can run your own store in minutes.

The aStore is a free benefit of the Amazon affiliate program. You do not have to pay to open the store or keep it running. This is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to open an online store.

4. Amazon Widgets

Amazon offers the opportunity for its affiliates to include Amazon widgets on their website. Amazon Widget is a generic word for stand-alone code that will redirect users to an application, or a larger program.

A widget is just another way to redirect your customers to from your website. They are more visual than links. Widgets are also more targeted than banners.

You can show customers the exact products through your widget. Amazon Widgets offer another way for you to promote your relationship with Amazon without going through traditional advertising.

Customers can see what your store offers without having to leave your website. This makes customer interactions with widgets more meaningful.

It’s easy enough to set up a widget for your Amazon store. You can access everything you need from your Amazon affiliate associated account. When you set up your widget, you can choose a product list, or allow Amazon to select certain products for you.

Some of the Amazon widget styles you can configure include wishlist, today’s offer, slideshow, or MP3 clips. Depending on how much you want to customize your Amazon widget, you can configure everything in less than a minute.

Out of these methods, there are only a few to use! Why few to use? Just because they are blocked by ads blockers like “Adblock”. This is also amazing because I have never seen this information mentioned anywhere and yet it is important!

If the display of your products is blocked, you will not gain anything and given the popularity of extensions like Adblock, it can quickly represent a huge loss of revenue.

Amazon banners: manual work to predict

It is possible to use banners proposed by Amazon on specific categories but once again they are blocked by AdBlock.

On the other hand, what you can do is save the image proposed by Amazon which is often well done and put it on your site by applying a classic affiliate link to the desired category. Like that, you get banners from Amazon without the blockages.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: How to Promote Amazon products to earn more

How to Promote Amazon products

Promoting products on Amazon requires many facets that building relationships with your customers. When you promote products, you should really promote them. You should always aim to be honest with your customers and promote only the products you buy yourself. And to sell the products you like, there are several approaches that work.

1. Write Product Reviews

Product Reviews are one of the best ways to promote products. You will automatically become a reliable source by providing detailed product information. You will also be able to interest the customer by providing exciting facts and opinions about the product. Because if a customer takes the time to read a review of the product, they probably intend to buy the product now or in the near future.

2. Create a Best of list

Creating a “Best of list” will provide similar benefits to the product review. You will introduce yourself as knowledgeable on the subject. You will also present several options for customers to choose from. This can have positive effects on your sales conversion rate.

3. Make product comparison

There are several ways to write a product comparison article. You can use a combination of short reviews and a “best of list” for those looking for information-rich content.

You can also decide to make the information visual. Using a product comparison chart will help your customers find the right product for them. When they can get the information they want faster, they are more likely to buy.

4. Write rich and exciting articles

If you have done a good job choosing your niche, you will be able to write in-depth articles about the products you recommend. You should take the opportunity to discuss more than just the basic features of the product. You can also write to speculate on the product and introduce real-life scenarios in its regular use.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: How to Make an affiliate link to an Amazon Search

In some cases, it may be interesting to provide a link to an Amazon search to which you have applied particular filters to best target the products of interest to your readers.

To do this, simply go to the Amazon site, do the research you want to share and once set, just click on a link “text” in the toolbar Amazon Partners.

The essential elements to succeed in making money with Amazon Affiliate Program

3 basic elements must be present to earn real money with Amazon Affiliate Program:

1. Have traffic!

So, yes, it is obvious, if you do not have a sufficient volume of visitors, you will not make or few sales. To attract people to your site, there are mainly 2 solutions: SEO and social networks.

I opt for SEO most often, I advise you to go read this book

2. Publish quality content

So that your visitors are inclined to buy the products you offer, they must trust you. So forget interest-free content with affiliate links everywhere, it will not work!

3. Offer targeted products

And finally, if you do not specifically target the products you offer to your audience, your conversion rate may be very low.

Take the time to think about what your readers are looking for. What problems do they want to solve? And then you can offer them the ideal product!

Some rules to help you avoid losing your account

  • It is imperative that you mention on your site your participation in the Amazon Affiliate Program. “[Insert your name] participates in the Amazon EU Partner Program, an affiliate program designed to enable sites to earn compensation by creating links to [insert name of the relevant site ( /]. “
  • You can not have multiple Amazon Partner accounts
  • All your links must be placed on sites that belong to you.
  • No affiliate link should be present in your emails, pdf, ebook, …
  • You must not use a URL shortener other than Amazon’s
  • Your site must, of course, be legal and not offer any adult content

The list is not exhaustive and I strongly advise you to read the General Terms and conditions.

Wrapping Up on Amazon Affiliate Program Review

I’m not going to sell you a dream, many people use the Amazon affiliate program, but few of them really manage to withdraw large revenues (even if only a few hundred euros).

Yet, it’s entirely possible! You can even earn tens of thousands of dollars like the well-known Pat Flynn who manages to sell for over a million dollars of Amazon products per year passively …

Another point often mentioned, “Affiliate is bad!” … The Amazon affiliate program is not bad from the moment you offer good products and you warn your visitors that they are affiliate links.

After that, if you launch a lot of small niche sites, it is not necessarily necessary to warn visitors to each affiliate link, eventually, put a page about where you mention your affiliate.

Better yet, if you have a good reputation and you explain your affiliate program to your audience, some will purposely go through your links before buying products on Amazon

I draw your attention that this type of program requires work: a simple link is not enough. That’s why you need to choose products that you like to be able to convince your readers of all their benefits. Only then will they click on your link and buy the article in question.

Respect the theme of your site when choosing your products. Do not confuse your readers. You could lose them. In addition, you will not make sales on items that do not fit your universe.

In short, I comply this Amazon affiliate program review quick starter guide post for you, so stop hesitating! Start now to offer affiliate products (even if you have a weak audience) and do not give up on the first obstacles!

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