“FACEBOOK PORTAL”: New Video Chat Device to be launched this Coming Week

Facebook will keep thrilling us with its new innovation to its platform, remember that some months back the social media giant released a Facebook Watch to compete with the likes of Youtube for online video streaming and now the company is about to add another feature to the platform which will allow easy Video chat.

According to Cheddar, Facebook Portal the new Video chat device is believed to be launched this coming week. It will be powered by Amazon Alexa and will have features similar to Amazon Echo Show. Facebook Portal will come in two sizes, the smaller which will be at the price of $300 and the bigger size which will also cost $400.


We should also note that the 15-inch Facebook portal is twice the size of Amazon Echo show with 7-inch model and a 10-inch crystal clear display. Although we don’t know yet maybe Facebook Portal includes Zigbee protocol which will make it connect and operate your smart home devices.

FACEBOOK New Video Chat Device "PORTAL" to launch Next Week

Meanwhile, Facebook Portal will come with an artificial intelligence (AI) video camera that recognizes people in the frame and follows them as they move around. It will also have a “privacy shutter” which was developed to tackle privacy concerns. Amazon Alexa voice assistant on Portal will let users get access to news, weather updates, videos, play music and see recipes.

However, reports have it that Facebook had planned to announce the device at the F8 developer conference which happened back in May, but the announcement was delayed at the last minute due to the Privacy breach about Russian election interference on the platform and high-profile scandals of Cambridge Analytica and Russian election.

The Facebook Portal will be the first hardware to make it out of Facebook’s secretive hardware lab Building 8, it also gets to us that the Lab Building 8 is in charge of the cameras, drones and brain-scanning technology invention of Facebook.

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Do you think this Facebook Portal will be a competition to the likes of Alexa Echo Show, Google-powered boxes like Lenovo’s gorgeous Smart Display and JBL’s Linkview, which features better sound and display quality! What your say on this? Drop your thought in the comment box below!


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