GOOGLE Deletes Revolving Memo About China CENSORED SEARCH ENGINE

GOOGLE Deletes Revolving Memo About China CENSORED SEARCH ENGINE

The search engine giant has recently asked its employees to get rid of the circulating memo about a plan to launch China censored search engine.

According to the report by the intercept, Google is trying to delete the explosive details about the plan to launch China censored search engine in the coming year.

Based on the report, the memo was written by a Google engineer working on the project but whose name was not mentioned for some security purpose. The project is seen as a spying tools over the users of the search engine.

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The search system codenamed Dragonfly would require users to log in their details before they can perform a search on the search engine and in line with this their locations, phone numbers, IP address, result history and links they click on will be stored by Google and shared with a third party that will have unilateral access to their data.

This China Censored Search Engine will monitor the actions of users over the search engine without their consent. Moreso, earlier this month a group of Google employees has been protesting over the china Censored search engine which was designed for the purpose of removing sensitive information about democracy, human rights and peaceful protest campaign by the Chinese government.

It was noted that the leadership of the company discovered that the memo has gotten to the employee who was not supposed to know about it, immediately after this discovery a mail was sent by the company Human Resources to all the employee requesting them to delete the memo of their system and a pixel tracker was added with the mail to notify them when the employee reads the mail.

Moreover, the Dragonfly memo showed that the prototype of the China Censored search engine was being developed as an app for both Android and iOS devices.

The intercept also noted that few weeks before the plan was revealed Google CEO Sundar Pichai address the employees that the project is still in its early stage and exploratory and also in late July he apprehended the engineers working on the project to get it into a launch-ready state to be commenced soon and awaiting the approval of the officials of Beijing.

He did also give a recent comment relating to the China Censored search engine that Google is not launching any search product for China.

“We are not close to launching a search product in China and whether we would do so or could so so is all very unclear,” Pichai addressed this at an internal all-hands meeting in mid-August, CNBC revealed according to a transcript obtained by them.

Meanwhile, the china censored search engine will blacklist sensitive queries by users and deliver them with no result shown. It is also revealed that the Chinese partner who the data is being shared with could add to the Censorship blacklist and be able to edit peoples query.

A central concern human rights groups have expressed about Dragonfly is that it could place users at risk of Chinese government surveillance and any person in China searching for blacklisted words or phrases could find themselves interrogated or detained. Chinese authorities are well-known for routinely targeting critics, activists, and journalists.

“It’s alarming to hear that such information will be stored and, potentially, easily shared with the Chinese authorities,” said Patrick Poon, a Hong Kong-based researcher with the human rights group Amnesty International. “It will completely put users’ privacy and safety at risk. Google needs to immediately explain if the app will involve such arrangements. It’s time to give the public full transparency of the project.”

Remember that in 2010, Google withdrew its search engine from China due to the Censorship and cyber attacks on the search engine platform. But it seems Google doesn’t want to free up the 772 million markets from China so it accepts everything with regard to the Chinese government request.

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Now some Google employees are complaining about the level of secrecy revolving around the project which they viewed as non-transparency towards the image of the company and making the working environment an intolerable for its employees and also misleading them.

Well, we hope Google CEO Pichai address this issue soon and make the public understands why China censored search engine is created solely for third party use.

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