How to Create Free Backlinks With High PR Dofollow 2018 [Easily]

How to Create Free Backlinks With High PR Dofollow

Backlinks with high pr dofollow 2018 are Very Important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the most usable words in the world of SEO. Many People’s who have started blogging don’t know about the work “Backlink”.

This article will teach you how to create free backlinks with high pr dofollow 2018 [easily]. One of the Most Important thing that you just need to keep in mind about backlink is that it is not the numbers of backlinks you made for your site/blog which matters, but rather the quality of backlinks with high pr dofollow.

How to Create Free Backlinks With High PR Dofollow 2018 [Easily]

Now I am going to show you some strategies which are working in 2018.

Check Out What Others Are Reading

Guest Post

This is the first and common thing which every publishes sees before posting Articles. If you write Great Articles for someone He/She will definitely give a link to your site, you can contact the site owner for proper arrangement from them.

Blog Commenting

Simply, Comment Backlinks are those from which you create for your website by commenting on other blogs/websites. Almost, every site has a comment section in which they are asking for name, email id, “WEBSITE URL”  to comment. Once the comment is approved by Owner and it goes live, you can see the link of your website/blog linked to your name.

Comment Backlinks can really help you to Rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever but it all depends on the quality of Comment links.

Submit Your Site to Web Directories

This is also the easiest way to get a backlink. Web Directory backlinks are not very popular these days because finding a working web directory is not easy.

You can also check on 51 Plus Instant Approval Directory Blog Submission Sites in 2018 for you to rank fast.

Never submit your site/blog URL with those Directories which says you to create a backlink to their website to get your site/blog into their directory.

Quora Free Backlinks

Quora is the most high-domain authority site with 89 ranking. You can share your links on Quora by which you can get free backlinks with high pr dofollow, most of the links you share of your site/blog as answers should be relevant to the topic of interest.

Quora is also a search engine and a database of category and niche. This means that all links will be made to your SEO’s efforts as they get out of your site. Another thing to consider is to reach and relevance. Marketing and marketing of your site to reach more and more people through customer targeting.

Use Social Media

Share your contents URL on Social Media. It is also One of the best ways to get backlinks with high pr dofollow. Join Groups on Facebook according to your Niche and Share links with Members of Group or you can simply share the link in Comment Section of Group. Facebook has a High-Authority Domain Ranking.

Social Media Profiles

Most social networks allow you to enter your URL on the main page of your profile. For the best use of this online real estate, enter the landing page URL to capture leads.

Posts and Updates

Most of your posts on various social media platforms can include free backlinks on your site.

Now have different ways to get Backlinks now you can get free backlinks with high pr dofollow to your site/blog.


I hope this article teaches you how to create free backlinks with high pr dofollow 2018 [easily].

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