Affiliate marketing Business has remained one of the most essential means where internet entrepreneurs have been making their earnings.

A lot of people tend to neglect any form of business when it comes to talking about affiliate but the most general term is referral but they tend to ignore the fact that no business can work without an affiliate that somebody or something must refer you to a particular business.

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The affiliate does not have to with online business alone it covers every aspect of the business.


Generally, an affiliate is a person that connects others to something. But in this case, an affiliate connects or bring in new members to join a business.

An affiliate marketer is a person that is rewarded by bringing in new members or visitors to join a business or patronize an organization or company as the case may be.


Being an affiliate in some cases do not really involve paying any amount as some people may think and finally conclude that it is a scam. Such a statement mostly comes from lazy minds who are not ready to work.

But before partnering as an affiliate with any company trying to find out remarks about the company and their performance to ascertain their level of genuineness.

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In order to become a successful affiliate you have to follow the steps below;

  • Select a product that you know that you will be good at marketing it.
  • Find out companies that are offering affiliate programs on the type of product which you want to market you may research on companies such as,, etc.
  • After successful research on these sites, signup to their affiliate program. After successful signup, you will have your affiliate link. People that purchase the product using your link will earn you commission depending on the percentage offered by the company.
  • After you have been convinced that you are partnering with a genuine company, create means of advertising your product such as creating a website. With the aid of your website, you will be able to advertise your affiliate links.

Creating a website might not be difficult as you think you can get a free website or if you need a very reliable website you can still get it at a very cheap rate so don’t allow this to be a barrier to you.

You too can also use your affiliate link to earn commissions for yourself.

Note: the content of your site or affiliate link must be filled with a product that is related to your niche. Ensure that any product advertised on your site must be available for pick up upon order.

  • Always be alert with the latest product which your affiliate company is offering so that your site will be updated frequently and not left with only old products.
  • Be alert for any incoming request for purchase to ensure customer satisfaction.

Affiliate marketing does not really involve the selling of physical goods online it extends to other forms of marketing such as network marketing, peer to peer donations and others.

When it comes to network marketing a lot of people tend to develop thick skin for it as they feel that they are not really good at referral programs. But the steps to follow in this case is not really different from the above steps.

After getting registered with the desire network program, make good use of your social mediums such as Whatsapp broadcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But a lot of people do not really see the need for this.

  • First, go to your profile and upload your affiliate or referral link on it.
  • Put a daily or weekly post on your timeline concerning your business and tag as much friends as you can.
  • Private chat friends and explain the business to them and the benefits they stand to gain from it.
  • Set a daily target for your affiliate program. If it is to register at least one person daily if you follow this steps properly, you will surely attend your daily target.
  • Follow up your prospects daily or whenever they book an appointment with you until they sign in.



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