iPad Battery Explodes forces Apple to evacuate retail store

iPad Battery Explodes forces Apple to evacuate retail store Amsterdam

As reported by iCulture that iPad Battery Explodes exploded inside Apple’s Amsterdam retail store on Sunday afternoon, and the fire department had everyone evacuated so that the hazardous substances that may have been released into the air would dissipate.

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Nobody was harmed during the incident, aside from three Apple employees who may have inhaled some of these substances.

As soon as they became aware of this problem, the three employees of the tech giant Apple simply removed the iPad and its battery and placed them in a bucket of sand, covering these devices to contain the release of chemicals.

The three people who suffered from their airways are the tech giant Apple’s employees and have been examined on site by ambulance personnel. “Probably there is a leaking battery pack,” said a spokesperson for the fire brigade.

The battery, in this case, did not explode but started emitting fumes. The injured employees who were facing breathing issues were checked on by ambulance fire respondents.

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Apple uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in their devices, which can overheat and catch fire under certain circumstances. And this isn’t the first incident where a battery has reportedly caught fire. In 2016, the company investigated claims in Australia that an iPhone 7 burst into flames and destroyed a car.

It’s not unheard of for electronics powered by batteries to catch on fire, and Apple’s devices aren’t spared. We’ve seen instances of random iPhone batteries explode or swell up, and that’s something you can’t prevent no matter how careful you are with your devices.

It’s not clear at the moment whether it was one of the iPads that were brought in for repairs or a new iPad.

The only time we’d experienced a severe battery issue with a mobile device was two years ago when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 kept bursting into flames left and right. This prompted the Korean company to recall the phone and ultimately discontinue it.

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Since then, Samsung has significantly improved battery quality assurance, and no incidents involving Samsung devices were reported. But Samsung Note 7 likely put Samsung competitors on alert, Apple included, on making sure battery design and size would not come with similar side effects.

Could My iPhone Explode?

There have been reports over the years that iPhones have exploded. These cases were likely also caused by problems with the battery.

Here’s the good news: your iPhone exploding is not remotely likely to happen. Sure, it’s an event that gets in the news, but do you know anyone that it’s happened to? Do you know anyone who knows anyone that it’s happened to? The answer for almost everyone is no.

Because there’s no centralized place to report these incidents, there’s no official count of how many iPhones have exploded in all time. And there’s really no way to create a master list of all iPhone batteries that have had catastrophic incidents. Instead, we just have to base our sense of the problem on news reports and clearly, that’s not very reliable.

What is safe to say is that the number of iPhones whose batteries have exploded is minuscule compared to the total number sold all time. Remember, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones. As we noted, there’s no official list of these issues, but if it was something that even one in a million people experienced, it would be a major scandal.

A comparison may be helpful in assessing the danger. Your ​odds of getting struck by lightning in any given year are about one in a million. Your iPhone’s battery exploding is probably even less likely. If you’re not regularly worried about lightning, you don’t need to be worried about your phone, either.

What Causes iPad Battery Explodes and Other Smartphones ?

iPad Battery Explodes and other smartphone batteries are generally caused by things like:

  • Hardware Failure

While not super common, manufacturing flaws in the device, especially related to the battery, could lead to an explosion.

  • Overheating

Apple says that the iPhone should not get hotter than 113 degrees F (45 degrees C). If your phone gets that hot, and stays that hot for a period of time, its internal hardware could be damaged (you may see a temperature warning on the phone’s screen). That damage could cause the iPhone’s battery to catch fire. You should especially watch out for cases that don’t allow proper air flow and cause the iPhone to get too hot.

  • Using Low-Quality Accessories

Lots of people go through many USB charging cables or lose the wall adapter for recharging the phone. Many people also want to save money when they buy replacements and don’t purchase official Apple products.

The low-quality accessories point is particularly important. The more you dig into the differences between official Apple-made and Apple-approved chargers and the third-party knock-offs, the clearer it becomes that cheap chargers are a real threat to your phone.

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For a great example of that, check out this teardown that compares an official Apple charger with a $3 version. Look at the difference in quality and in the number of components used by Apple. It’s no wonder that the cheap, shoddy version causes problems.

Whenever you’re buying accessories for your iPhone, make sure it’s either from Apple or carries Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) certification.

Signs That Your Phone’s Battery May Have a Problem

There aren’t many early warning signs that your iPhone might be about to explode. The signs you’re most likely to see include:

  • A bulge at the back of the phone. Before batteries explode, they often start to bulge and swell.
  • A hissing noise coming from near the battery.
  • The phone getting very hot and not cooling down.

NOTE: If your iPhone is exhibiting any of these signs, that’s bad. Don’t plug it into a power source. Put it on a non-combustible surface for a while to make sure it doesn’t catch fire. Then take it straight to an Apple Store and have the experts inspect it.

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