How To Make Online Presence For Your Business [in 5 Minutes]

How To Make Online Presence For Your Business [in 5 Minutes]

Creating an online presence for your business can be more profitable in this digital world.

A lot of people make the mistake of keeping their business only to the people who see it physical, mind you’ they can expand the market with the internet.

In the past years, before the internet became a sensational thing, people market their business only to those they can see, people who live in their vicinity but now with the help of the internet, you can get across to varieties of people through online presence for your business.


“I quickly want to share a story of a hairdresser in my area, she opened her shop not quite long. she does direct marketing to her customers, you know people who see her shop physically and also people she advertises to through her mouth.

A friend visited and shared her strategy on how she sold about 50 wigs online within a month for a price of 40 thousand Naira each. she was astonished and almost didn’t believe then she called me and asked if it is true to sell something online, then i replied her with a Yes and explain to her as i will be doing in this post, now she has her business listed online and also a website for ordering her wig and other beauty product she produces with different social media pages “.

How To Make Online Presence for your business In this Digital World

On this post, I will enlighten you on how you can make your business thrive in this digital world.

Firstly, you have to understand that no matter the scale of your business you can create an online presence for it.

Some people think that because their business is a small scale business they don’t need to give it an online presence Yes! it fine but do you know that most big business you are seeing today started from scratch just like you.

What is Online Presence:

Online presence is any existence of a business or individual on the internet. Some Online Presence examples are your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin and so on.

So let’s start with the first step

1. Getting Your Space Online:

While a website might be the first thing that comes to mind, you don’t necessarily need to start there.

  • The first thing to do in creating online presence for your business is listing your business in local online directories. You might not be familiar with the word local online directories even though you come across most of them every day on the internet.

Local online directories is a way of listing your businesses online within a particular niche(category) and location. Easy right? So let’s move on with the topic.

As a Painter whose profession is well okay, if your business is listed under the local online directories then for your client to find you will be so easy. Assuming i need a painter within my location all i need to do is search for the list of painters on my search engine and if you have created online presence for your business then it will surely show up no website required!

There’s a lot you can do without a website, but at some point, you might want to build a home of your own on the web, a one-stop-shop where your customers can find everything they need to know about you online.

  • Secondly, you can decide to create a website to share information about your business. This could be things like your opening hours, your location, the services you offer and your prices. You might even upload photos and videos of your work or product that could entice new customers to walk through your door.

You can search online on some of the free-ways to create a website, you can also, check out our post on how to become a successful blogger and own a blog for your business.

  • Thirdly, every business should always have a social media page for their business, those social media pages include Facebook, Instagram, Linkin, Google+, Twitter and so on.

You can post photos of your creations, offer special deals, request permission from your buyers to post his/her picture and tag their name with the product they bought and don’t forget to always connect with your customers.

Believe me, social media is part of your business. Don’t just hinder your service to your page alone try and share out to other pages, Facebook offers varieties of pages where you can also share your product.

After experimenting the explained above, you ought to have been seeing changes within your local business using online presence for your business, more people must have become aware of your service with this you might want to shift your focus toward turning visitors into paying customers.

Well based on the level you have found yourself, You can decide to add new features to your site.

Things like “online appointment scheduling”, a “review section” where people can say nice things about the business or yourself or do you want them to ring you? if so, include your mobile number and if you want your visitors to locate your Physical shop include a map or a driving direction or an E-commerce store to sell your products online.

You can check out Google for some of the free E-commerce websites.

Now that you have created online presence for your business and you have been able to lure your visitor and turn them to customers, then you can start expanding your business by investing in online advertising.

Remember that whatever your ultimate digital goals are or where you currently stand, your priorities will naturally change and grow with your business, you don’t force it, it grows naturally.

2. Improving Your Progress Online: 

Now to make sure you’re meeting your target online, it’s really important to measure how your business is progressing. We often refer to this as “analytics”. It lets you know what’s working well, and what is not.

To engage in analysis, you need some certain tools to do that, soon we will get to it.

Before we move to the next phase of the topic lets make you understand that in exploring your business to the digital world, you got to have what you would like to achieve and then prioritize different online opportunities to help you accomplish your goals.

So to get more active with your online presence after you have established your online home, and now you’re looking for ways to bring more customers to your virtual front door.

Well, i will show you different ways to do that in a simple arithmetic.

Search Engine:

Let’s start with search engine. Google isn’t the only search engine, there are few others too like Yahoo and Bing.

So when people type a certain word on the search engine, they are commanding it to look for different solution attached to that particular word.

If you offer similar services and products, search engines will show your business in the search results.

Now, there are two main ways you can use search engines, and we’ve got loads of info to share on both.

The first is search engine optimization (SEO) which helps you promote your business in the unpaid search results while the second is search engine marketing (SEM) which lets you buy ad space for your product or service in the search results.

The SEO entails how you can get your site in front of the right people who are searching for your products and services.

Now, there are lots of ways to do this, we’ll explain them in detail later on, but the key is knowing what words people actually type in “the keywords”. They are the most relevant words to your business.

Understanding these will help you improve how you show up when these words are searched.

The SEM, on the other hand, entails how businesses pay to advertise to people searching for specific keywords online.

Major search engines use an auction system where different businesses compete to show their ads by bidding on the keywords that suit their target. You can check Google ads to see the list of keywords relating to your business.

Believe me, the search engine is broader than you’ve taught of in the sense that while reading news, check a sports score, browse about fashion and also watch videos and lot more, mind you those content comes along with different ads which we referred to as displaying advertisement.

Those ads appear everywhere online and come in different formats like text, images, video, and ads you can click on and interact with.

Ads can be a great way to pass your message across to the people you want your ads to reach, the location you want it to cover and the websites and pages you’d like them to appear on.

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter or Google+ also give another option in creating awareness for your business and they’re especially useful for building relationships with customers.

On most networks, you’ll create pages or profiles for your business. You can then connect with lots of people by starting meaningful conversations and sharing content you’ve created whilst growing your business online. social life you know!

Don’t forget that most of these social media platform requires money before you can display ads on them.

Facebook pixel is also a great means to reach people who have visited your site even if not more than ones. Remember visiting a site and next time online on Facebook you are seeing their ads even without liking their page. Yes! that the work of Facebook Pixel.

Before we wrap up on this segment, let’s not forget one more pretty important way you can use in creating online presence for your business: “Email marketing“.

Email Marketing:

We’re not talking about “junk email” or “spam” that disturbs your inbox, but sending relevant information and offers to people who have already said they’d like to hear from you.

You can get people to “sign up“, or “opt in” to receive emails from you. Then the rest is up to you. You can send coupons to people who have made an appointment on your site, advertise special events, offers a discount or promote sales items.

Knowing all the ways you can find people online and how they can find you can help give your business a better presence online.

The more types of digital marketing you try, the more opportunities you’ll have to reach your most valuable customers, wherever they happen to be in the world.

Hey! I hope by now, you know how important it is to figure out what you want to get out of the digital world, how to make online presence for your business, and start using digital marketing to drive people to your digital home.

But it’s also important to make sure that your online plan is geared toward the long goal. Let’s go over a few ways to do that: setting realistic expectations, tracking your results and adapting to changes in technology and your industry.

3. Don’t Rush Your Online Presence Goal:

The first thing to remember: don’t expect too much too soon. It can take a bit of time to set up your digital presence and get noticed online.

So if you’re a Fashion designer launching your very first website, your online sales probably aren’t going to go through the roof straight away.

It takes time for search engines to find you, and for you to implement and improve your digital marketing plan. So, try not to set unrealistic goals you’re unlikely to meet.

A crucial part of any online plan is to measure what you’re doing and make sure it’s working. This is called ‘analytics,’ and it can show you how people are finding your website and what they do when they get there.

Knowing where your online visitors come from can help you figure out which of your marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren’t.

If you know what people do once they’re on your website, it can help you figure out if your investment online is working.

For example, in your Fashion designing business, you don’t just want people to find your homepage, you might want them to do lots of things like watching your clever “how-to” videos, make appointments, get driving directions to your store, or actually, buy something.

By tracking what people do on your site, it can help you understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can make changes and continually improve what you’re doing.

4. A Final Point To Mention Is Adapting To Changes: 

It’s important to remember that the online world is constantly changing.

New tools, technologies, and tactics pop up pretty much daily. So a good plan combines the basic concepts that don’t change that often, with forward-thinking to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Similarly, when things change in your industry, make sure your online world is kept up to date.

Are you offering the latest hot trends in hair styling? If hair dyes become the next big thing, you can quickly update your adverts to show customers what you can do.

To set yourself up for success online, you need to look before you leap. And don’t stop looking! A good plan will consider three things:

First, know your online goals – and set yourself realistic expectations.

Next, use analytics to track and measure what you’re doing and how it’s working.

And last, always keep up-to-date and adapt to changes in technology and the industry you work in.

If your plan tackles all these things and you stay flexible, you’ll be well on your way and in case you are wondering why your business needs online presence then check out the list below.

Importance Of Online Presence:

  • It makes it easy for you to showcase your product or services
  • Also with Online presence, it is easy for you to market your brand to people who need its (Targeting ads)
  • Online presence also provide for your potential customers
  • It provides for you people who are nearer but doesn’t know about your product
  • Lastly, it gives you the ability to expand your brand and also evaluate your business


I hope with this post i have been able to share with you how to make an online presence for your business.

Don’t just read alone there are many friends of yours who might be having the same issues. share with them on social media and do come back to read more.

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