How to Make Passive Income in Nigeria 2019 (Step by Step Guide)

This is a guest post written by Prosper Noah.

Prosper Noah has been into Online Marketing for the past 3 years and knows (what works & what doesn’t) for making money online in Nigeria. He shares how to make money online on his blog

This is a new blessed year and lots of people are searching for how to start making money online in Nigeria 2019 step by step

If you’re among these set of people then you’re in the right post because I want to quickly share with you the 3 great income or money generating online business in Nigeria.

and guess what?

I will share everything with you, Step by Step.

Want to get started?

Just before that, I need below stuff from you; you will need them to really succeed in internet marketing;

  • I need your full attention
  • I need you to follow these post step by step
  • Take action and lastly;
  • Patience.

You got it all wrong!

Yes, you’ve been lied to:

want me to prove it?

You’ve seen lots of people talk about making passive income online but not many of them understand what the term “Passive Income” actually means:

Here is the Truth:

There are two types of income online and they are divided into Active & Passive Income. 

and guess what?

One is better! don’t take my word for it because I will share with you what Active Income is and what Passive Income is.

What is Active Income?

Any money that you earn online or on the internet that requires you to always work is called Active Income.

Let me explain it better:

If you always have to keep working in order for that money to flow in, then it’s active income.

When you stop working, the money will stop coming as well.

For Example:

  • Designing websites for clients is active income because you must keep designing those websites for money to come in (This is also known as freelancing) when you stop designing, the money stops.
  • Running Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. is active income. When your budget for advert is finished, then your income stops coming
  • and lots of others.

In a few minutes, I will share what passive income is about.

But see this:

I don’t like the Active Income Method, but why?

Well, the reason is that as a man, a day will come where you no longer have the strength to work.

When your strength fails you, then your income stops as well.

Would you want to go such route?

I guess no.

So what works?

I suggest you go the Passive Income Method

You may be asking “So what is passive income like?”

Passive Income REAL Definition

Passive income is 100% the best way to make money online in Nigeria 2019

Passive Income is a way you create income streams, a system that you spend some time to setup, and will make you money forever and ever.

All you need is to setup the system and leave the rest for money to flow in.

You like that? We all do.

So how do you create income streams or what are the passive income streams you could setup in 2019 to make money over and over again?

Now we are getting started.

You have to pay full attention right now.

Passive Income Streams in 2019 and How to get Started?

I will share two with you;

Recurring/Membership Affiliate Marketing

Heard that term “Recurring

I didn’t just mention affiliate marketing but added the term “Recurring”

Now that term is the real deal

You need to signup for affiliate programs that will offer a recurring commission to its affiliates

This means when you promote their product, you will earn commission from that customer every month when he or she renews her plan or membership

For example, there is an SEO tool called SEMrush which am promoting and the original price is around $99 per month (Per customer) and the commission is 40%

So I earn around $39 per month from every customer for life.

Below is a screenshot of my dashboard

You can see above, I referred a customer already and the 2 recurring commissions already (2 rebills)

Only that 1 customer makes me $39.99 per Month

I no longer work again haha! The only work is to get those customers to signup and when they do, they continue to make you money as long as they renew their plan on the affiliate network

Now that’s cool right?

Wait there’s even another one below:

Called SEOclerks Affiliate

I make 10% per any sale made by a customer and I have earned around $214+ in commission and withdrawn $200+ as well as seen below:

So you see?

My work is just to bring in customers and those customers when they buy anything from that site I earn 10% commission forever and ever.

Note: I said forever and ever.

Now how do you see Active and Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing?

How do you get started with Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing?

Very simple.

Just search google for “Recurring commission affiliate programs”

You will get lots of products you can promote which gives recurring commission

Below is Simple Trick

“The best way to get recurring commission from affiliate ms
Recurring Affiliate Marketing is through membership sites. Membership sites are sites that offer quality stuffs to customers and those customers will have to renew their subscription every month

Whenever they subscribe, you earn commission

You can easily get these membership affiliate programs by searching google.

Most of these membership sites are foreign. So be ready to get a paypal account that receives payment as a Nigerian or alternatively, signup for free payoneer.

Now you know. Below is another income stream you can dive into this 2019

2. Blogging

In Blogging, you write for an audience

I believe you know already what blogging is all about so I will just go straight to how you can earn passive income with blogging

Forget it;

Not all bloggers earn passive income

In fact, if many of them decide to leave their blogs for a month, the money will stop coming.

Let me prove it

There are lots of blogs that focus mainly on trending stuff.

They have to continue posting day by day for earnings via AdSense or whatever monetization they make use of.

Such blogging method is classified under “Active Income”

What is the right way to go?

How can you make passive income via Blogging?

The Right way to earning Passive Income via Blogging (Step by Step)

The only way you can earn passive income from blogging is

  • Find Evergreen Buyer Keywords
  • Write Quality Articles
  • Rank on Page 1 of Google.

You get that?

Here is a step by step guide

Instead of just writing articles at random, do keyword research and find keywords that people will type into google from now till thy kingdom come

Yes, those are evergreen keywords.

After you get these keywords, you need to write high quality article around them and finally rank on Page 1 of Google.

Remember: These keywords have to be buyer keywords

Buyer keywords are keywords people type into google when they are ready to buy something

For example:

  • NNU Review
  • Latest Samsung Phones in Nigeria 2019
  • Where to Buy Tecno WX3 pro in Nigeria
  • Cheap TVs to buy online
  • and lots more.

Lastly, you need to rank on Page 1 of Google.

If you don’t rank page one you will never make any money.

As soon as you get on page one, for buyer keywords people will buy your stuff, you will get traffic and make money forever and ever via AdSense and other money making programs.

Hope you understand?

Last Method

This method is a legit trick or like a tweak of what I said earlier about recurring affiliate programs.

It works charm

So what is it?

Run Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc for Affiliate Marketing.

You may say “but Prosper, you said Facebook ads and the likes are active income.

Well, Yes, its active income but you can tweak it to earn passive income.

So how?

The Trick:

Find a recurring commission product to promote.

Run Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Bing Ads and you will get a lot of sales.

Remember, as soon as you get these customers, you will earn recurring commission from them for life.

This is one best way to earn Passive Income quickly.

The only Problem; it requires some budget to run the ads but will pay at last.


So that is it to earning passive income from the Internet in 2019.

Have any questions? Keep dropping em.

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