How to start a successful blog and earn from it (UPDATED)

How to start a successful blog and earn from it (UPDATED)

Starting a successful blog is not just about creating a blog platform, but it is
about noting down what you want to blog about.

How to start a successful blog and earn from it requires some more efforts and that is what this post is going to be pointing out.

I know this post is not new to you because you might have come across this same topic “How to start a successful blog and earn from it ” in some many blogs but over here am going to add some other keynotes you might not have come across from those websites.

Blogging to a layman is just about creating a blogger platform and post something
into it as I did some years back. I will just share with you a glimpse of how I started blogging back in 2014.

I was at a cafe with a friend that fateful day chatting on Facebook and doing some
other Facebook things you know! But soon I found the Social Media site a
little bit boring so I decided to search something on Google and I typed this question
on Google “how to make money on the internet”.

Suddenly Google brought out its list of the search result and while I was reading through
one of the listed sites, I came across blogging and the first thing that came
to my mind that day was wow! This is going to be easy and I decided to give
it a try.

To summarize the story in a nutshell, when I got home back that day I called my
friend and told him what I found out and I explained to him that all I need to
do is open a blog and start posting news of all sort and the rest will be a

Meanwhile, I did not follow the saying which says that before any business
there is always a business plan standing as a pillar.

Well, the next day I started a blog, hosted it on Blogspot even without a domain name
like “*****”. After a while of opening this blog, I held no result
and later on I decided to quit blogging.

For almost a year I quit blogging you know why because it’s not providing me my
main target on it which is getting money so soon.

So starting a blog is like starting a business, it requires a plan before being commenced. Like one of my friend who is also a blogger will say if blogging is just
by posting then most blogger that quitted blogging will have become a millionaire.

Starting a successful blog doesn’t commence with a magic, it requires you to
follow some certain steps in which I will be explaining soon.

This post will be on two segments, the first which I will be explaining to you
about how you can start a successful blog and the second will comprises of how
you can earn money from blogging.

What is blogging

Well blogging can be seen as a website or web-page which is own by an
individual or a group of people who see to it affair by writing an informal
post or information on it.

According to Small Business ” blogging involved a personal web log, in which a person would journal about their day. From “web log” came the term “blog.”

Blogging entails providing vital information for your audience. People come
into a blog in order to get an information/solution about a particular problem
as you are doing now.

How to start a Successful Blog

Like I shared in my story that I was clueless of how to start a successful blog when
I first started. All I have the idea of is how to open a blog and start posting
my rubbish back then.

Blogging as you can see is a business on its own and before you venture into it you
got to how you want to set up the building like in a real business. So to start
a blog my explanation below will lead you to build a successful blog.


You will remember that in my story I mentioned something about posting all sort
of News right, that was because I don’t know the direction to focus on, I don’t
know the which niche I can do better or write about.

So what is Niche in blogging?

Niche is a particular industry or a particular sector in which a blogger write about
.So you should understand that before you jump into blogging life, you need
to have a particular niche that interest you.

For instance, is a Tech blog, is an entertainment blog,
and so on. There are also some blogs about Fashion, Automobile,
education, even some deals with everything on blogging.

My tip for this is that you should sit down, think for a particular thing that you
think when you offer it to people they do commend you for it. Get more research
done on different blogs writing on that particular industry and use that
research to think of how you can grow in their midst.

After getting a perfect niche for your self then the next thing to think about
is the name you want to give to your blog.

Getting Domain Name  For Your Blog (Optional):

Well, I wouldn’t mind telling you this that creating a name or giving your site a name relating to your blog purpose and also a short name is a very good idea.

Domain name describes your blog because that is the name people will find your blog with. It’s just like starting a business, you have to name your company right so is the case of blogging too.

After deciding on a unique and short name for your blog then you can choose
among the listed below where to purchase your domain name.

  • Godaddy
  • Name cheap
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator etc.

Note: A domain name is optional if you don’t have the means to get one for now,
there are some free domain name and free platform you can create your blog
with. Let’s me take you deep into that now.

Choose Your Blogging Platform For Your Blog:

As I have noted earlier on the Domain part that getting a domain name is
optional which is a damn true and I will share the reason in this section.

Choosing your blogging platform comes in two ways, the first is through a free
platform named while the second is through a paid platform named

How to create your blog using Blogger platform

Using blogger platform to create your blog makes domain name optional because
blogger platform has its own domain which is in which you can
merge with your site and get a space online.


– Open any of your browsers and search for blogger or more preferable

– You will be required to sign up with an email in which I think you might have
gotten one down.

– Next, after you have signed up, the blogger site will log you in automatically with
you email open i.e don’t close your email.

– Right after that, it will bring out a section where you will be required to
fill in your site name and also a domain name, in case you don’t have a domain
name you can use the Blogspot domain name I mentioned earlier.

– So after you are true with that section and click on the next button it will
bring out another section for your theme. This section is ideally based on two

  • Firstly, you can use any of the blogger theme being suggested to you.
  • Secondly, you can search for varieties of blogger template or theme and
    download or purchase depending on your pocket.

– If you have finalized on your template which is also your theme then to
install the downloaded or purchase one, you will see a tab for Backup/Restore
click on it and get your template file and don’t forget the part you are to
install is .xml.

But if you don’t feel like downloading any blogger template then choose one of the
templates listed and click on “apply to blog”.

– The next in line is how to make your blog beautiful to your taste and also the users taste.

To do this click the layout section in the dashboard and design to your
preferences and if your layout isn’t providing some needed layout for you then move back to your theme section click on it and you will see a place where it is noted “edit HTML” and search for where you want to adjust.

You shouldn’t forget that there are some certain page that is required to be
on your blog, those are the Home, About us, Contact Us, Advertise with us,
Privacy policy, and if you think your blog requires Frequently Asked question (FAQ) then you can add that too and many more.

Note: Make your blog a neat one such that your visitor will find it comfortable to get what they are seeking for easily and also if you are a novice to HTML you can search online for what that particular code you want to edit means.

I hope with the explained above you will be able to set up a successful blog for your preferred niche. Okay! let’s move to the second platform.

How to create your blog using WordPress Platform

Like many will tell you there is a free WordPress where you can also create
your blog using the but I will open to you that it will cost you more.

So to create a website using WordPress it is better you go for the paid plan
which is


– Firstly, get your domain name and hosting from some of the sites I have listed above while discussing how you can get your domain name.

– Secondly, your host will provide you with your cPanel and all you need to do is
choose a strong and unique username and password and host will do the rest.

-Thirdly, which I think is the last is to install your WordPress.

Note: After installing your WordPress, you will be required to re-login your username and password which you have created. Without having any network issue your dashboard should show up and allow you to edit further which i will provide you a glimpse of it below.

The content of Your Blog:

This section is based on the content you will be providing for people relating to your blog niche.

Like I do tell people don’t just start a blog for learning sake alone, let it
be something you found convenience while doing it.

Creating a good content for your blog is part of the ways of creating a
successful blog in the sense that if people come to your blog based on a
routine to find a solution they need to get it fully and well understandable.

Have you once go online and search for How to cook a pepper stew and the result some of the blogs are giving is not detailed enough, you will feel bad right and immediately close the blog but if the content interest you then you will read and come back again.

Tips for creating a good content both for the readers and SEO

Creating a good content can be of an advantage to your blog.

So while creating your content make sure to carry out a deep research on the topic you are about to write something on and also go through all what you have written down to check for any mistake you might have done somewhere.

Don’t forget that what you are writing is not for you it’s for people you
don’t even know about at all, so that means your content must add a value to their life.

Steps in creating a Good content for your blog

1. Be yourself
2. Research more on the topic
3. Write something to interest others
4. Put the topic into a reality
5. Don’t be in a rush to write

Steps in creating a Good SEO for your blog

1. Make sure your topic is unique from others
2. Use different keyword from what others have used
3. Make sure your keyword is included in your content
4. Lastly, after having a clue about the topic you want to write about carry out a keyword research to see how people have used the keyword you have for that topic.

You can check out more on our Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Beginner’s Guide

Posting Blog Post:

Some do have this fever like Ia use to call it that you need to create as many
post in a week for your blog to be known.

Well I don’t have the zeal to say they are wrong because it is their decision
not mine but for me, it doesn’t really matter, one post can get you millions of viewers as far as it suits their colour.

So don’t be in a haste of creating five unreasonable posts in a day, while you
can create just one unique post that can give you more viewers.

Social Media:

Social media as you know is where most information can get to people easily, as a blogger who want to be successful you need to create a social media page for your blog.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more can be of help in making your blog a successful one.

There are so many websites out there which can help in sharing all your post to your social media pages once. You can search Google for some of the websites.

Email Subscribing:

The reason why some blogs are not successful is that people don’t get to know what they are cooking next. Email subscribing in a very good way of getting your content to people who needs them most.

For instance, on our blog here we have a section for where people can subscribe to our blog and immediately we release something new they get it immediately on their mail.

Another way you can get people to subscribe to your blog is by getting an E-
book or something you think can help them grow more and tell them that by subscribing to your blog they will get this e-book freely.

I mostly set this as a pop-up, not a disturbing one though as many will want to do make it a moderate and time-perfect one.

Digital Marketing:

In blogging, there is a need for you to engage in digital marketing also just
like in a business. The more you re-post some of the content you’ve posted for a long time, people who haven’t heard of it before will want to see it.

This Digital Marketing is mostly done through social media.

How to Earn Money As a blogger

“Those of you that’s Blogging for Passion keep on Blogging: I won’t argue with
you so you won’t be asking me if it’s my passion.

The day money is removed from Blogging that same day I will pack my load and go
back to my village in peace.

I don’t blog for passion I blog for money let passion go to hell” Posted by a

This aspect is where most people do find meaningful due to the fact that you can’t start a business and you are not getting your ROI in return then you will get tired one day.

So, in this section of the post, I will gladly give you different ways in which
you can earn money as a blogger in this 2018.

The listed below are the best ways to make money as a blogger.

Google Adsense:

You might have heard a lot about this name because that is the
number way bloggers earn money with. Adsense is an ads being displayed on blogs by Google.

After being approved you will be sent a code and you will paste it on your HTML code section after that you will earn your money.


Ever heard of that before, No! Right okay, I got you covered. Affiliate is an
ads of a product of a particular company whereby when people click through the link to perform an action on the company website you earn your share.


Selling e-book on your blog can get you your money. If you have
something unique and helpful people are ready to pay for it.

You can create your e-book using Microsoft word or you can search google for other ways to create it.

I refer to this as physical income in blogging why? because it involves advertising a company product or an event physically and they pay you for it.

You might have come across a lot of this on my blogs, so you can also do the
same to earn your money although most of this depends on the traffic of your blog.


Blogging can be more competitive in this era. Like one of my friend who is a
blogger will say

“If you start blogging (i mean Blogging not copy and pasting) you will never be
fat in the first one year: Ask me why? Because you cannot be fat when you
hardly sleep 3hrs in a whole day. As for me, 2hrs sleep is enoughBut as soon as
you see the turn around in Blogging: Sleep go tire you because this time around
you will sleep more”.

But doing what you love can get you in-line and above every competition. Don’t just start rushing for traffic to get to your blog popularity doesn’t begin one day.

I hope you will find something useful from this post on how to start a
successful blog and earn from it. Feel free to drop any add-up or suggestion in our comment box below.

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