Why Is Marketing Important to your Business

Why Is Marketing Important to your Business

Do you realize that Marketing is important to your business, the same way Business plan is important to your business? Well, many a business guru will tell you that Marketing is definitely one of the pillars you have to build your business with.

Do you know why is Marketing important to your business? I had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Sharon Tieman (Madame Marketing) and she had some interesting things to say about marketing your business:

“Marketing is the muscle in your business.. It’s what drives your sales… Nothing happens until a sale happens…”

“You have to get good at Marketing”

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“If you get your marketing right, you don’t have to do much more – the sales will come.”

Really it doesn’t matter how good your systems are, how competitive your pricing is… if no one knows about you, you won’t make a sale.

When you get the marketing of your business right – the sales literally start falling in place.

Have you got your Marketing plan written down?

Marketing is so much more than just advertising… it can be used to raise your profile within your niche market as well as drive traffic and sales for your business.

I strongly recommend Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson as a good starting place for some simple and cost effective solutions for your marketing initiatives.

If you are serious about your business, you will take the time to write out your marketing plan.  Define your objectives and then look at the types of marketing available to you to achieve your objectives.

If you don’t write down your plan, how will you know if you are on track or not?

It is really worthwhile spending valuable time on your marketing plan:

  • Your Objectives
  • The options available
  • How you will use the options
  • Your expectations from using each option

In coming articles, I will discuss WhatsApp Business Marketing Campaign Strategies (Case Study) options available to you to market your business

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