After the update on windows 10 in April 2018, Microsoft has released another windows 10 update for October 2018. This upgrade comes with amazing user friendly features that gives your device a smooth and satisfactory performance.


windows 10 updated features     

  1. The windows 10 update for october has been designed to be user friendly as you can now share apps between your android mobile device and your computer system but limited to iphone devices.

This feature allows you to drag and drop pictures from phone app to windows app

This feature also allow you to send messages in the  pc app

It allows you see your pc timeline on your android device

You can also sign into your Microsoft account using your android mobile device. This is mostly functional with android OS of version 7.0

Iphone users can only send links from Edge IOS app to open on the Edge on PC.

  1. The simple cortana search window has been developed to be wider, contain clear information about the item you have searched for.

The updated windows 10 update for october version now gives clear options for app, settings, photos etc such that when you goto the search box to type in an app it gives you multiple choices for launching it including it folder location.


  1. Another interesting feature about window 10 update for october is the DARK MODE SETTINGS FOR MS APPS, in-order to have this settings on your pc follow the steps below:
  • Goto settings
  • Click on personalization
  • Click on colours
  • Choose default app mode that you want to use.

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  1. The update also contain a scaling option which enables texts, icons apps etc. to be clearly shown on high resolution displays. With this you can be able to increase the sizes of characters, it is very useful while reading text and icons to be easily identified.


  • Goto settings
  • Click on ease of access
  • Click on display
  • Goto make text bigger
  1. Another amazing feature in the update is the screen capture utility for windows.

However, most windows PC are unable to perform the function of screenshot but this can still be done with WINDOW KEY + Print screen key (Prt Sc SysRq) or by setting onedrive to store printscreen captures. The new windows 10 makes it easier for you to use your clipboard history to synchronize it among systems that are signed into the same account.

Another interesting utility is the snip and sketch that helps to mark up screenshots which replaces the snipping tool pops up the window. After that perform the screenshot action using SHIFT + WINDOWS KEY + S.

  1. In the new windows 10 version, windows defender has been changed to windows security, the protection status from viruses and threats have been improved and designed in a clearer interface. This new security feature now gives you access to the systems security apps which you have installed.
  2. The window upgrade has expanded to developing on the skype window. With this feature, you can now share this app directly from file explorer or edge to the downloaded skype without opening it.

With it you can now record skype video calls, integrate to create tasks, offer encrypted calls and customize chat bubbles.

  1. The windows 10 update for october version have also help to prevent online medias from playing automatically.
  2. It has also offered a better text prediction to touch screen PCs with the introduction of swift keys, this feature now makes it easier for best word predictions while swiping through the keyboard. It also support voice recognition for inputting text, this is done by pressing WINDOWS KEY + H.
  3. The update also has an improved game bar. In-order to use this feature, press WINDOWS KEY + G to switch to game mode. this will turn of all notifications which enables you to record your gaming activities, it also includes audio control and does not allow any windows notification to pop up.

What’s your opinion About Windows 10 update For October 2018. Drop your comments below.

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