Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro: Price, Release Date and Specification

In this article today, I am going to share the secrets of Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro with you. So let’s start.

In this century, it will be hard to see any person who does not have a smartphone, and the person who has a smartphone is in the race to get a better smartphone than that.

With the growing age, the growth of technology is as important as taking our mother-in-law. Everyone sitting in the market is well aware of what his customer wants, in which direction is his demand moving?

Talk about any company, be it Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Techno, Infinix or even Google. Every company after a time gap is bringing in smartphones with more than one technology in the market and are making their profits.

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According to the news, a Chinese company Xiaomi launched its Redmi series budget smartphones Redmi 7A, Redmi 7 and Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro in the year of 2019.

Talking about media reports, all these three smartphones of Xiaomi Redmi 7 series can be launched at the cost of its previous series Redmi 6.

If you do not know, then let me tell you that the Redmi 6 series was launched in India in the second half of 2018. The company has recently launched Redmi Note 6 Pro in India and will soon launch these 3 sets as well.

In today’s article, I will tell you in detail about one of those three sets of Xiaomi company. So, friends, let us know about Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro Price, Release Date, and Specification

Note » Here whatever I am going to tell you about the phone is not guaranteed 100% correct, But as much as possible we will provide you correct information.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro – Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro Specification

With the performance of Octa-Core, you will get a display of 5.84 (14.83 cm) of this phone. If we talk about the storage of this phone, then on this phone you will get 32 ​​GB / 64 GB internal memory, which you can increase to 256 GB by inserting a memory card.

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Nowadays, every person keeps a fan of the photo, you pick up the phone of anyone and see that you will get 100-200 selfies.

Whenever we go to buy a new phone, we first check the camera quality of the phone. We all want that our photos come in HD quality, so let’s know about the camera quality of Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro specification – Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro features

If we talk about the front camera, then I tell you that it has 12 MP + 5 MP Dual front camera. This phone has a back camera with 8 megapixels, and it is a great pleasure for today’s youth.

The battery of this phone is going to get you 4000 mAh, which you can use for 20-24 hours comfortably after charging once. You cannot remove the battery in this phone (non-removable battery).

One special feature that you will get on this phone is that here your phone will get up to 3/4 GB of RAM.

Nowadays, like all phones, you will get a fingerprint sensor in this phone, which you can use as a public.

In this set of Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro, you will get a double seam card slot, in which one seam can be used by putting 4G and the other 3G or 2G.

It is for you to note here that both the seams will be stretched here in nano size.

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The rest is a Chinese phone, so you do not need to take the tension of the speaker at all. You will also get 3.5mm audio jack here like the rest of the phone.

Nowadays on the phone, we definitely pay attention to the design, how is the phone’s look, what is its length, width, weight? So, once we pay attention to that as well: –

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro Features – Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro Design

  • Thickness 7.8 mm
  • Width 71.8 mm
  • Weight 150 grams
  • Height 147.7 mm

In the initial days, you will get this phone only in black. Maybe after some time, you can get this phone in white or golden color too.

Feature: Data connectivity and Internet Let’s know some special features of this phone that make this phone the best phone yet.

In this mobile phone, you will:

  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • FM radio
  • Google chrome browser
  • Hot spot
  • Google map
  • Bluetooth
  • USB support
  • PC-Sync Support

There will be many more features like these.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro Price

How much should we get this smartphone with so many features?

The answer to this question is-

I can tell you that it is being speculated that it’s market price in India market can be in the range of Rs 10,999 to 12,999. The official price will be known only when this phone is launched.

Friends, these were the special features of Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro, if you have not received any information in this article, then you can ask us through comments and share this article on social media as much as possible.

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